The art of choosing…of Art

In the vast panorama of art, the act of choosing a painting becomes an open window on the complexity of the human psyche.

The link between colors and moods emerges as an intricate labyrinth, driven by variables  that shape individual preferences.

Color Choices:

Color, deeply linked to personal experiences, can evoke memories, arouse emotions or represent significant places. The preference for a painting could therefore  arise from a reflection of lived experiences.

The choice of a painting can reflect the emotional state of the moment. Bright, vibrant colors might be preferred during times of joy and vitality, while darker shades may appeal to those seeking reflection or intimacy.

Culture and the social environment play a decisive role in the formation of artistic preferences. Belonging to a specific cultural group or the influence of predominant artistic trends can shape color choices.

Variables related to the Subject:

The choice of subject can be dictated by personal affinities. A subject related to passions or interests can become the focal point of a favorite painting.

Some people select works of art based on the symbolic representation of the subjects. A painting that embodies significant symbols or metaphors may be preferred for its implied meaning.

Choice-Induced Sensations:

Choosing colors and subjects that create visual harmony can generate feelings of tranquility and aesthetic pleasure, making the painting attractive.

The preference for works of art that express individuality and creative thinking may reflect the search for a unique identity.

Lightning Strike:

Love at first sight, that irresistible immediate connection with a painting, adds a romantic element to the selection process. The feeling of falling in love with a work, like a sudden encounter with the soul of a painting, can transform a simple choice into a magical and deeply personal experience. Instant love for a painting can be fueled by a perfect harmony between colors, subject and induced emotions, generating a total connection between the work and us.