all star artworkI am an Italian artist, my works have intense and bold colors: colorful paintings, vibrant and cheerful sculptures: fun settings that reflect my optimistic view of the world.
In each of my paintings you can touch by hand – on canva, wood – positive passions and emotions.

I took my first steps in my dad’s workshop, painting from an early age on anything that happened within reach: paper scraps, wooden boards, walls (to my mother’s delight).
I passionately studied the history of art from its origins to the contemporary one; I was inspired by the great Italian masters and developing their techniques in a contemporary key I create most of the colors I use producing them directly in my laboratory.

My works have been exhibited in over 20 countries, including France, Germany, the United States since 2006, when the Sharjah Art Museum invited me to exhibit.
I support charitable organizations collaborating on projects to support hospitalized children.



It’s time to have your passions on the walls of your home, your company: here are the recipients of my work.
In 20 years, I believe I’ve designed and realized every kind of request: from historic cars to sports supercars, family portraits, pets, floral subjects, jewelry, bags, shoes, watches, boats and wild animals.

I started this adventure because I believed and firmly believe that each of us, well beyond the need to decorate a room, deserves a work of art that expresses exactly his feeling: a memory, a passion, an ambition.
And I offer you the best selection of my subjects, from flowers of all kinds, fairy tales, exotic animals, icons of pop culture …


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