Art4people is a personalized service dedicated to companies to give new shape to their ideas.
How long have you been wondering to refresh the image of your company, but you don’t know how?
Are you thinking of a new logo, a new packaging, a label, an idea that you have not yet managed to achieve to bring your customers’ interaction to a whole new level?

Thousands of people cross through my gallery in Sirmione every year (one of the most visited town in Italy by tourists from ALL over the world).

After 20 years of work, I designed and brought to life every kind of request: classic cars and supercars, family and personal portraits, portraits of pets, floral subjects, jewelry, bags, shoes, watches and boat hulls.
I’ve customers scattered across all 5 continents and I’m confident enough to have such broad views to be  able to offer you a different point of view , with an international scope.

Many of my clients are entrepreneurs: they were the ones who took advantage of my inventiveness and the point of view from which I look at reality to create logos and projects that had long been lying in a drawer … or to give a new aesthetic to those who already ‘are on the market.

This new service started from their requests:

I create sculptures, paintings, logos and special product editions  able to help companies and entrepreneurs to promote their voice, their brand in a unique and personalized way.

My  work’s purpose is to expand your possibilities of expression and make space for new experiences for your customers, communicating your brand and the value that your product contains in an original and colorful way.

With my team – Art4people – I am here to provide you with a series of ideas to stand out in a sea of “similar” to emerge and be noticed by new customers, not simply to give you “a nice logo”.


Do you have a sketchy idea, but in fact you don’t know exactly what you need? Isn’t clear yet what do you want in details ?
This is an excellent starting point to get in touch and understand if and how can we work together.

You can browse my site to see some of the works already done or come to the gallery in Sirmione to get to know us in person.

Do you want to understand if and how can I help you?

Write me:

Briefly tell me who you are and your needs and I will contact you to agree on what to do.

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