Who I Am

Painting is my main passion

I run an art studio near Modena, and one on the thermal town of Sirmione, on the shores of Garda lake where I work and where I make my colourful paintings and sculptures. I’ve worked with people from all over the world and I’m able to deliver commissioned works everywhere. New pop style paintings are my most requested subjects, which I execute pointing on details and amusing concepts which always laid behind the Italian tradition. I usually work for big companies and for private customers, which appreciate the witness of an ancient italian style I can gift to my contemporary works.



Art on demand, free your immagination!

To commission a work of art based your personal taste, please send me a direct mail through my contact form

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If you’d like to see my works, come to Sirmione, in my showroom.

info@artgolinelli.com (+ 39) 338 7375757


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